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Gilbert and Sullivan MP3 rehearsal files

How the rehearsal aids work

When you order from us, you will be able to download a ZIP file which contains all the musical numbers for the particular character or voice you have selected. When you order the MP3 files for a soloist's part, you will be asked which voice you sing, and will be able to download a separate ZIP file with the chorus MP3 files for that particular voice. This is so that you can also learn the chorus line for any chorus numbers you are involved in (and also sing along in the wings where needed !). Included with each set of files is a .txt file, which explains how the files are named.

Incidentally (and following feedback from some of our buyers) - you do NOT need a "zip-drive" to accept zip-files. If you have WinZip, PK-ZIP, or other un-zipping software installed on your PC or phone, you will be able to un-zip "ordinary" zip-files. Most PCs and phones nowadays have the ability to open ZIP files 'built in'. If you don't have un-zipping software installed, let us know, and we'll arrange for you to download a "self-extracting zip-file" from us - that means that you can extract your MP3 rehearsal files without the need for un-zipping software.

Each musical number in which the character or voice appears is given in three versions :

(a) The piano part, plus the voice part you have ordered (sounding as a clarinet for ladies' voices and as a bassoon for men's voices)
(b) The piano part, plus all the other voice parts (sounding as above), but minus the part you have ordered
(c) The piano part alone

You would use version (a) to learn the part initially, listening to the notes as they're played, and singing along as you feel able. Version (c) helps you to discover how well (or otherwise!) you have memorised your part. Version (b) would be used when you feel you're ready to try singing your part against the other vocal lines.

In practice, you would start with version (a), moving back and forth between versions (a) and (c) as you become more confident, moving to version (b) when you want to see how well you hold your own musical line.

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