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Gilbert and Sullivan MP3 rehearsal files

Prices and Shipping Options (MP3 files)

If you are singing a chorus part, the files for your voice part (for any given opera) cost 10.99. If you have a principal part, then (for the same price - just 10.99) you will receive the files for your part, together with the files for the chorus part which you select.

So, for example, suppose you have the rôle of Zorah in Ruddigore. For 10.99, you'll get the files which have Zorah's part. Let's say you sing First Soprano in the chorus (when you're not singing Zorah's bits). You'll also get the First Soprano files. All for 10.99.

The complete files for any given opera (all chorus and all principal parts, in all versions) are charged at 142.99 per opera, with the exception of Trial by Jury, which is charged at 104.49, and Cox and Box, which is charged at 16.49.

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