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2014 to the present

"Each year you supply me with a brilliant Gilbert and Sullivan CD. This year, please could you post me the Alto Chorus CD of Patience? I will be posting a cheque today. Thank you so much, I wouldn't be able to take part in the production without your very helpful CDs." (CS, Herefordshire, UK)

"Looking forward to an upcoming audition and your pieces are wonderful." (MR, North Carolina, USA)

"Thanks so much! You're great!" (CN, Colorado, USA)

"Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write me a thorough explanation of what I may need. I am meeting up with our MD soon, so I shall discuss the options with him then and download the items I need. I shall certainly be recommending your rehearsal aids to the other members of my society." (AO, Essex, UK)

"I will be definitely using you in future. Thanks for being so helpful." (JR, Idaho, USA)

"How useful these files are! A godsend! :) Thanks again - always a pleasure doing business with you." (SB, New York, USA)

"This is just to tell you that I am so pleased with the Pirates CD I received some weeks ago. It will be of great help when preparing myself for the show this summer." (AN, Belgium)

"Thanks so much for your quick reply. I look forward to practising with these!" (MT, Oregon, USA)

"I found this a useful aid in learning my part in The Mikado." (RGC, Surrey, UK)

"This will be my first time singing Gilbert & Sullivan and I know your product will be a big assist. It was very kind of you to telephone and to respond so quickly and clearly." (EJ, Virginia, USA)

"The students are MUCH more confident with the tracks you have sent for me! It could NOT HAVE COME at a better time! My accompanist actually backed out two weeks ago just after I received the mp3 tracks!! Complete lifesaver!" (SF, Oklahoma, USA)

"Your recordings have made it so easy for me to learn the music for all the shows I have taken part in over the past few years - I am very grateful indeed for all your help and have happily recommended you to so many people!" (SR, Fife, UK)

"I am a recent customer of yours, getting on very well with your practice CD for Alexis in 'Sorcerer' - thankyou! It's saving me a lot of time." (NB, Norfolk, UK)

"Thank you for the quick response. I enjoy your recordings and find them to be the most effective way to get ready. I will mention them to our board." (MR, North Carolina, USA)

"Thank you for this service to G&S performers!" (JCD, Missouri, USA)

"I've done many G&S operas but this is my first Yeomen, and I'm so excited for this production, which promises to be a very good one. Thank you for your materials- they will be put to good use!" (EC, Massachusetts, USA)

"Where else can I get the high quality rehearsal support that I desperately need from but Musical Solutions? Seriously, they are a great help. I am always surprised when I start to refresh a part how memory plays tricks and I realise that I have been getting it wrong all these years." (AS, Lincolnshire, UK)

"You're a class act. Every year at read-through I stand up and recommend Musical Solutions to all our new cast members, since it would be nice if everyone learned their parts during the summer rather than in fall rehearsals." (KM, Massachusetts, USA)

"Thank you! What a marvelous learning tool these are. I'll certainly be passing on the site information to the rest of the cast." (MG, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Many thanks. Your company is singularly responsible for my ability to sing so confidently in all the G&S shows in which I have been involved!!!! I learn by listening to your CDs over and over again, and I have to thank you for that - I can't seem to master reading music, but can follow it when I hear it! " (SR, Fife, UK)

"Thank you so much for all your support, you really do offer a wonderful service." (MNA, Cumbria, UK)

"Thank you! We love using your MIDI files and recommend you whenever anyone asks. Thanks so much for your services and your lovely personal touches - very appreciated!." (KLF, Maine, USA)

"Thanks yet again for offering this service." (LF, West Midlands, UK)

"Thanks so much for the Lady Blanche/Princess Ida CD. Great stuff and great delivery! Much appreciated." (NP, Surrey, UK)

"All's good with my prep, thanks to your excellent midi support. They steer me subtly back to 1st Bass if ever I wander." (JMc, Victoria, Australia)

"My society is doing Patience. So, again I need your help and would like the music for the soprano chorus. It has been so helpful in the past, and I know it will help me master the music in no time." (SS, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Delighted to come back to you for more MIDI files. (Being utterly new to G&S a couple of years ago, these have been invaluable to me for learning new parts; and I had the privilege of singing at the Buxton Opera House this summer with the aid of your tracks!)" (SG, South Croydon, UK)

"I just wanted to give you a big thank-you for these files. They've been such a help to me in learning my part in time. Hope to see you in Buxton!" (RK, Washington State, USA)

"A trillion thanks! I have now run through the files and they are all extremely helpful. As you recommended I have also uploaded my PC with them. I have been very busy performing with my own local musical company the whole of last week, so now that it's over, and as, unfortunately, I'm in a bit of an after-show blues today, it's so nice to have some new music to work on." (AN, Brussels, Belgium)

"The Trial by Jury files are a godsend, and I'm sure the HMS Pinafore ones will be too." (JB, Hampshire, UK)

"CDs received and being a big help already. Thank you very much." (JM, Kent, UK)

"Thank you for the midi files, they are very helpful. I've been traveling and driving my neighbors in the hotel nuts ... practising each night." (MR, North Carolina, USA)

"My husband is doing the Carpenter [in HMS Pinafore], has previously sung tenor (high baritone really) so is finding it quite a challenge to stick to the Carpenter's line in A British Tar. Your CDs are invaluable to me, they get worn out, being played over and over, in the run up to the show. So many thanks to you." (KL, West Yorkshire, UK)

"A few months ago I purchased a CD to learn the Alto line of Princess Ida while I was on a trip. They worked very well, and I will fondly remember pacing back and forth across the terminal of Delhi Airport with my headphones while singing "Towards the Empyrean Heights" under my breath." (JDE, California, USA)

"This is my ninth consecutive year of using your services - long may you continue!" (AB, Aberdeenshire, UK)

"I received the CDs in the mail today, thank you again. We are underway and I am sure these rehearsal tracks will be an integral part of the show's success!" (SH, New York, USA)

"Your midis were a life-saver for me when I performed Ruth last spring. I'm in chorus for Yeomen this fall and the music is very challenging. I work full-time and don't really have the time to spend sitting at the piano so I do quite a bit of rehearsal in the car on my way to and from work. Thank you so much for your hard work!" (DG, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Using the MIDI files makes easy work out of learning the rôles, and again I thank you so much." (JG, New York, USA)

"Your practice midis are a wonderful aid to preparation before our main rehearsals begin." (IQ, Herefordshire, UK)

"MIDI files downloaded, unzipped and playing perfectly. Many thanks for your highly efficient service." (GH, Buckinghamshire, UK)

"Thank you for this wonderful service! Your assistance has been fabulous. I will heartily recommend your services to area G&S groups." (LM, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Many thanks for your wonderful midi files. Thanks to these I was able to prepare very quickly for my audition, and managed to land the role of Mad Margaret. I really appreciate your work. Now, back to my preparation - we perform mid-April (2012)." (AC, Victoria, Australia)

"Thanks for these. Really excellent." (PB, Berkshire, UK)

"I am writing to thank you for the speedy delivery of The Gondoliers & The Pirates of Penzance Audio CDs. Both packages arrived together on Thursday. I will order from you again in the future." (JM, New South Wales, Australia)

"The files I ordered for the rôle of Dr. Daly in The Sorcerer made learning that rôle infinitely easier. Thank you so much for your wonderful service." (JE, Massachusetts, USA)

"All arrived fine in a download. A random walk through confirms the samples I played are working fine as I firmly expect all will. Also confirm their extreme usefulness to us. Many thanks again and congratulations on such a marvellous resource." (CA, Queensland, Australia)

"Thank you so much again for this wonderful service. I am playing yet another mezzo...and will be holding the alto line in ensemble. Wish me great luck. Without your MIDI it would be impossible. Those little black dots mean practically nothing to me, and the music directors might catch on if not for you!" (CA, California, USA)

"My group have seen the progress I have made with your CDs. Since I am the only member of the group who doesn't read music, I rely solely on your CDs and my rehearsals. Since the company have observed my progress, we have decided to order all of the chorus parts this time." (LS, Ontario, Canada)

"I'll be coming back next time I'm cast in G and S for sure" (AH, Cambridgeshire, UK)

"I bought the CDs for Mikado, Pish Tush and Pooh Bah from you for myself and two friends, and all three of us were cast. How's that for an endorsement?" (JM, Victoria, Australia)

"Your tracks were invaluable in keeping me in line with my parts. I could replay them just before my entrances to make sure I had it spot on. Musical Solutions provides a wonderful service and incalculable value for the price." (RL, British Columbia, Canada)

"Thank you very much for the files. I have downloaded them and they will be an invaluable tool to help me learn the Alto chorus. Thank you." (FP, Worcestershire, UK)

"Thanks for this fine service" (AA, California, USA)

"Your work is just a magnificent learning aid" (JLO, London, UK)

"You were very kind to me last year in providing a CD to rehearse my part in the chorus of Princess Ida. The CD was most helpful, particularly as I had never sung G & S before. Princess Ida is much more difficult to sing than I had imagined. Without the CD I do not think I would have been of any use at all. I have volunteered to sing again this year - 2nd Bass in the chorus of Iolanthe. It is still much harder than it sounds. I have therefore ordered another of your CDs." (PB, Worcestershire, UK)

"My goodness, that was a fast turnaround! Thank you very much." (PL, Pennsylvania, USA)

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